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Yyan NG


Yyan NG is a multi-instrumentalist musician and one of the premier professional tailo and flute players/composers/directors in Tasmania.

Yyan is interested in how Japanese instruments and Japanese music can be represented in a contemporary musical setting.

Yyan is also artistic director and leader of Launceston Taiko group Taiko OniJima.  He is very active in Tasmania’s music scene and plays in Japanese-jazz fusion Shakuhachi and Taiko duo with Brian Ritchie (MOFO Director) and crossover trio Skyglass with Internationally renowned Shakuhachi player Anne Norman (VIC) and violinist Emily Sheppard (TSO/VDB/VDF). Yyan co-founded a Helpmann award winning show with the Tasmanian Taiko and Leather Orchestra. He was also part of the house band the Toilet Brushes for Tasmania’s largest community theatre production King Ubu and Shakuhachi player for classical trio Emily Cloud.

Yyan served as music director for Mapali: Dawn Gathering, an aboriginal community led event presented by Ten Days on the Island, along with TasDance, Goldberg Aberline Studio and all taiko groups in Tasmania.  Yyan also was the musical director/collaborator for Faux Mo working with Taiko Onijima + Taiko Drum and Dancepointe (Ballet). He was part of the highly successful five month run of Tokyo Punk, an irreverent anarchic Japanese Punk Show at MONA.

Performances at festivals include:-

Monafoma, Darkmofo, Ten Days on the Island, Big Hart, Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Festivale, Marion Bay Falls Festival, Taste of Tasmania, Jackey’s Marsh Forest Festival, Hastings Cave Concerts, Mt Wellington/kunanyi Observation Shelter, Rosny Barn Summer Series, MOFO Sessions, Amplified Awards.