island entertainment presents

John & Jai


What do you get when you combine two of Launceston’s longest working musos and two good buddies with some unexpected and jaunty tunes, played in a way you might not have heard before? Well, you get John and Jai!

You’ve probably seen them out about in various musical outfits over the years, so we don’t need to go into all that. Continuing a long tradition of great semi acoustic duos, John brings the guitar skills honed over years of playing, Jai steps away from the kit and brings the beats on the mysterious wooden box.

Vocally John brings the gritty rock edge and Jai brings the softer side - but boy do they harmonise well. John brings the Dad jokes and Jai brings the groans and straight guy schtick.

Together they bring upbeat tunes and a bit of fun, totally designed to get a few ‘I love this song’ or ‘I haven’t heard it played like that before’ reactions to keep you bopping along.

If that sounds like your Jam, then come and say ‘hello there’ and we will provide the toast. or make a toast. Probably the latter.